About Me

Elizabeth SnowHey guys! My name is Elizabeth, and I welcome you to my sex toy blog. When I say that true love starts with you, I mean not only the moral but also the physical aspect. Despite the widespread access to the Internet, modern people still know little about themselves, their own sexuality, and how to give pleasure to themselves. I am here to answer all your questions, clear your doubts, and help you understand yourself more deeply. After all, sex is an essential part of our lives; we should not hesitate to improve it.


Why can you trust my opinion? I am a certified sexologist, and I studied at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology, so I know everything about intimacy and sex from a medical point of view. For more than ten years, I have been professionally helping patients with various disorders in the sexual and psychological sphere. I know that people can be embarrassed to talk about sex and sometimes fear experimenting in bed, even though all this is absolutely normal. My consultations make clients’ lives more complete and full of new sensations, help them get rid of complexes, restore relationships in couples, and just love themselves the way they are.

Depending on the diagnosis, a sexologist can prescribe a variety of types of treatment. In some cases, medical treatment is unnecessary; it is enough to use the right sex toys. That is why I keep a close eye on all the latest in the industry, and manufacturers never cease to amaze me with their wonderful creations! I know all about vibrators, vacuum stimulators, and other sex toys that make intimate life more varied. My personal blog is a great way to share my knowledge with the general public.

My Mission

I see my mission in helping you to reject the complexes and give yourself a lot of new pleasant sensations! I’m not shy about talking to people about sex, and I want readers to follow my example. After all, discussing with partners what you like and dislike is the key to long and healthy relationships. Don’t be afraid to add toys to your sex life and discuss and choose them with your partner. Do it first for yourself and not for someone else because this way, you can enjoy sex to the fullest.

I hope my articles will teach you to give yourself pleasure to the fullest, as well as make your partner delighted. With the help of my reviews, I will teach you how to choose the right vibrators, tell you how sex toys affect physical and psychological health, and share the features of using each item. I believe this area of ​​life should be inclusive, accessible to everyone, and devoid of prejudice. Feel free to ask me your questions in the comments below the articles. I am always happy to advise you on the topic that interests you.

“True love starts with you.”