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How to Charge Luna Personal Massager?

The Luna Personal Massager is a small, handheld vibrator that can be used for clitoral stimulation. It is made of soft silicone and has a curved tip that is designed to fit comfortably against the body. The Luna is also waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath.

How to Charge Luna Personal Massager?
To charge the Luna vibrator, plug the USB cable into the charging port on the side of the device. The USB cable can also be connected to the USB wall charger. The Luna Personal Massager takes about 2 hours to fully charge. The light on the device lights up while charging and turns off when fully charged.


What Is the Luna Personal Massager?

The Luna Personal Massager is a unique and innovative vibrator that offers its users a wide range of features and functions. Its compact size and ergonomic design make it easy to use and comfortable to carry around, while it’s powerful motor and versatile settings make it perfect for both solo and couple play.

The Luna Personal Massager is also waterproof and submersible, making it ideal for use in the shower or bath.

How to Charge the Luna Personal Massager Correctly?

The Luna Personal Massager is a battery-operated device used to massage the body. It has two curved surfaces that can be used to massage the back, neck, and other areas of the body. The Luna Personal Massager comes with a charger that can be used to charge the device.

To charge the Luna wand, ensure the device is turned off. Then, connect the charger to the device and plug it into an outlet. The light on the charger will turn green when the device is charging. The light will turn off when the device is fully charged. The Luna Personal Massager can be used while it is charging.

Charging Luna Personal Massager

What to Do if the Luna Personal Massager Does Not Charge?

If your Luna Personal Massager does not charge, you can do a few things to try to fix the issue.

First, make sure that the massager is properly plugged into an outlet and that the outlet is working. If it is plugged in and the outlet is working, try charging the massager for a full 24 hours. If it still does not charge, the battery may be dead and need to be replaced.

To replace the battery, you will need to remove the screws on the back of the massager with a Phillips head screwdriver. Once the screws are removed, you can gently lift the back panel off of the massager. The battery will be located in the upper-left corner of the panel.

To remove the battery, gently pry it out of the holder using a thin metal object. Replace the old battery with a new CR2032 battery and reattach the back panel.

If the Luna Personal Massager still does not charge after replacing the battery, there may be a problem with the charging port, and the massager will need to be sent in for repair.

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Luna is a great choice for those looking for a small, discreet vibrator that can be used both for solo and partner play.

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